5 SEO Tips for Startups

Marketing a new business in today’s technological environment requires using a combination of tools and tactics, which can sometimes be quite complicated and time consuming for a business owner. Going back even two years ago, system engine optimization was a more permissive task, as it was somewhat easier to slip past the search engines’ censors and success was obtainable without having to consider all the intricate details of optimization that are now essential for growing your website.

This new face of the Internet is asking for fresh strategies, especially when it comes to optimization. Being up-to-date with new technologies will keep your business relevant for the search engines, thus becoming more popular among the search results. Having recently gone through this process, our specialists at Post66 have compiled a list of the most important tips for accelerating the success of your startup’s online presence.

  1. Make sure that your on-page optimization is flawless.

First and foremost, you have to make sure that your foundation is solid, in your case the foundation is the website’s on-page optimization. Many startups skip this step in their attempts to achieve quick results and this can have unpleasant consequences in the long run.

If you want to know more about your website’s on-page optimization, there are a large number of online tools and SEO articles that can help you do exactly that.


  1. Work every day on building a strong presence on social media platforms.

A startup company requires a strong social media presence from day one. Making an effort and investing in your social media presence can accelerate your business’ growth substantially. To save time and effort, you can use social media management tools, such as Post66, that allow you to schedule your posts and send the posts to all social media platforms simultaneously.

Furthermore, tools such as Post66 also offer insightful analytics that will be extremely helpful for you. If you do not have the time or the inspiration for doing this yourself just keep in mind that there are many specialists out there who handle exactly these kinds of tasks.


  1. Make sure you have an updated blog.

Most businesses have a blog on their website which is updated constantly. At first, you can ask your employees to manage this blog and to post news about your company on the blog page, but if this is not an option or if you want your company’s blog entries to be more professionally written, our advice is to hire an experienced content writer. Additionally, it is extremely helpful to use keywords that are related to your business in these blog entries.

To learn more about SEO and promoting your business online, you can check out the Post66 blog.


  1. Post articles about your startup on other people’s blogs.

This traditional SEO technique is still a very powerful tool if used correctly. The blogs that you chose to publish an article on should have the potential to offer you some additional exposure and to redirect some traffic from them to you.

You can also pitch your article to editorials, news websites, or any other successful website that would fit your needs.


  1. Hire a search engine optimization specialist.

Although most startups are reluctant to spending money on their online presence, nowadays it has become something normal for every respectable business to have a team of specialists that deal with their online presence.

A specialist can help you save money, by knowing exactly what is worth buying and what is not, and can also increase your overall success. By being successful online, you will grow exponentially.


by Miruna Secuianu
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