Posting on Instagram: vs other apps

Nowadays Instagram advertising is just as important as Facebook or Twitter advertising. The main problem is you can’t schedule your posts to send automatically at a chosen time, so you have to rely on your memory to open your phone and send the posts.

This becomes much more chanllenging if you are an advertising agency and you manage multiple Instagram accounts. You can’t just switch between them easily.

Popular social management platforms like Buffer or Hootsuite offer the ability to schedule your Instagram posts but process is so tedious and complicated it doesn’t feel that easy. First you create and schedule your post, then you must install their mobile app, you receive a notification on your phone at the scheduled time, then their mobile app redirects you to the Instagram app and prefills the message and the image. Lastly, you send the post. This sounds almost ok, but you still have to have your internet connection active and you still have to send the post manually.

Well, with you don’t need to worry about all of these things. You just create and schedule the post and it automatically sends. Yes, it’s that simple. Before sending the posts you have to input your Instagram username an password and Post66 will take care of the rest.

by Miruna Secuianu
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